About us

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Five Axis Pipe Bending Machines, CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Stainless Steel Enclosures from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Unique Industries has been in the sheet metal industry for more than 40 years with abundant experience in a variety of processes including tooling and design. Having our own fabrication shop, We specialize in aluminum and stainless steel. We have also been associated with some exclusive industries for manufacturing enclosures and many other critical assemblies required in the market.

Our Vision

Commitment to providing our customers total satisfaction through continuous improvement in product and service quality through innovation, breakthrough technology adoption and application.

Our Mission

To continuously strive for the effectiveness of quality management system processes and enhanced design strength in engineering.



Driven by reliability, we have over 40 years of experience, specialization, and expertise in


Having partnered with many Fortune 1000 companies, we strive towards efficient quality management and enhanced design strength to provide our customers with complete solutions. We aim to innovate and be the market leader while retaining our essential focus on people-driven business. We have a dedicated team of production engineers and quality assurance engineers to ensure all our products are delivered at the highest quality.



Long-standing relationships We value every relationship we develop with our clients and these are defined by trust as well as respect.

Each new relationship inducted as part of the family

We approach each client relationship like a family Practising family values of responsibility and fairness helps us achieve truly effective and promising results.

People business We are driven by our passion but more so by people. Every one of those people who make a part of our company is an asset to us.

Client values = Our values We attune to the values that you are characterized by for efficient corporation and teamwork. We also recognize the uniqueness of each client while tuning with their values and requirements.


Innovation - a passion reinvented every day
Innovation is at the forefront of our mission, but for us, it’s more than that. We’ve redefined it as - ‘passion for innovation’. We’re keen on building a company that is set apart by its passion and sheer dedication.

Adaptive in an ever-changing market
As a manufacturing industry, We place importance on the quality of adaptability. Being permeable to the changes around us gives us an edge - it allows us to react and advance our products / services for better efficiency and standard.


Trustworthy and dependable associates
We’re built holistically on trust and our associates are an example of our dependability. Our team is dedicated to our objective to fulfil all client needs seamlessly.

All associates inculcated with an entrepreneurial approach to the organization Every part of our associate team is trained, trusted and given the responsibility to take the lead and guide the company forward.

We firmly believe in the idea of working together
leading together. Specialized in a variety of processes including press parts, deep drawn components, 5-axis laser cutting, Turret Punching and we are one of the very few companies in India who manufacture laser welded pillow plate jackets and tailor welded blanks.